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Xmlinputfactory is validating

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Ok, first things first: the code sample I will go through can be found from Stax2Validation, and will be part of Woodstox source code distribution (in src/samples/).

So here is the basic usage pattern for using Stax2 validation API on reader side.

But is it possible to create it only in memory without file on the hard drive ?

I want to mimic the Create File Mapping windows functions which allow you to write in memory. The goal is to write in memory in order for another program ( c ) to read it.

In these situations, a streaming API such as SAX or XNI is normally preferred. They can start generating output from the input almost immediately, without waiting for the entire document to be read.

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Removing Woodstox from the classpath eliminates this truncation problem, but that's no...In the St AX metaphor, the programmatic entry point is a cursor that represents a point within the document.The application moves the cursor forward - 'pulling' the information from the parser as it needs.We have an application that uses Site Mesh, and when Web Logic tries to parse the TLD files, it sees the DOCTYPE specification, containing the reference to the TLD DTD, at "The server can not initiate outbound connections to the Internet, and so cannot retrieve the DTD, which causes the deployment of the application to fail. I've an xml file that I would avoid having to load all in memory.I have problems again with my Mac running Java 1.5.... With nio it is possible to map an existing file in memory.