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Word vba screen updating

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Screen Updating = False Set obj Doc = Active Document obj Doc.Save str Button Value = Msg Box("Do you want to update all fields in this document before closing?I knew that in Word, at least versions 2003 - 2013, I could create a list of current keyboard settings using the Word command "List Commands" and that I could print (hard copy) a list of custom key assignments. This left me with a two separate incomplete lists: Option Explicit Sub List Composite Shortcuts() Dim o Doc As Word. Document Dim o Key As Key Binding Dim o Tbl_1 As Word.

Primarily I use the mouse because, if for no other reason, I can't remember the keyboard shortcuts for all the various Word commands!

Text = "Current Keyboard Settings - Custom Key Bindings" .

Text = "Shortcut Key Combination" End With For lng Index = 3 To .

What will you do to select all embedded Visio objects in Word?

This tutorial will introduce you two methods to select all embedded Visio objects.