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When asked for, leave the check boxes clear for the removal of WSUS database, log files and downloaded update files. During the installation of WSUS 3.0 SP2, the Server Manager on Windows Server 2008 [R2] actually looks for Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2 Dynamic Installer for Server Manager [x64 Edition] (KB972493), but the update server is normally configured to receive updates from itself, and there’s no itself—functioning at least—for the moment.

To address the issue you may try these troubleshooting steps : 1] Switch from Microsoft Update to using Windows Update.

This often resets your USB hub on your motherboard. If you still have issues and cannot get rid of “USB device not recognized” error messages you can try disabling USB 2.0 devices which should remove the error message and “fix” the problem (although it’s more of a band aid then an actual solution) but your USB devices will now run at the slower USB 1.1 speed.

I had a call recently from someone saying that he had this Unidentified Network Error in Vista which made it so he couldn’t access the Internet on his laptop when he connected to his wireless router.

To me, the subversive update number is not clear yet.

If you want to have lifelong, loyal customers, you need to make the overall process with your service or product a delight.

2] Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter from Microsoft.

Check this Fix It to reset Windows Update components and this Fix It to repair Windows Update components.

Following these quick steps will help solve the Windows unidentified network error.

Since I don’t use Windows Vista, I wasn’t really familiar with the problem, but with a simple Google search I found out that it’s a huge issue and countless numbers of people are giving up on Vista just because of the Unidentified Network Error or just letting their computers gather dust as it does a great impersonation of a giant paper weight.