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Shortly after being granted the 1885 patent, United Clock Company went bankrupt, and there are no known surviving examples of the patented clock.

In 1887, the company reorganized under the new name Western Clock Company.

Typically, on the back of an alarm clock, you will see a crescent shaped opening.

Just inside the opening there is a lever that can be moved to different positions within the opening. (or -, or "Slower") Move the lever in small increments and move it slowly.

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So, Westclox date stamped the movements in their clocks until the late 1970s.

This movement has a "bell-back" design, which means that the bell mechanism is integral to the clock's case.

The company first brought the Big Ben to market in 1909.

Charles Stahlberg and others from Waterbury, Connecticut, originally formed as "United Clock Company" on December 5, 1885, in Peru, Illinois, intending to manufacture clocks based on a technological innovation by Stahlberg.

This innovation was patented by Stahlberg on September 22, 1885 (US patent #326,602) and involved the use of molded lead alloy movement plates with inset brass bushings as well as lead alloy gear assemblies.