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There’s been an enormous amount of media coverage centred on older women dating younger men over the last decade.

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' You probably can, but be kind and humour us anyway. Haribo, toothpaste and fizzy drinks aren't always vegetarian either. Basically, if in doubt, ask us first, cos there is tons of stuff that you think is safe but is actually made with fish guts or cow bones (soz). You don't need to worry about us getting enough protein. Let us know in advance so we have time to make halloumi kebabs. Or you know, just a plate of halloumi on it's own.14. If you only ever make one thing for us in our entire relationship, make it veggie-friendly gravy. There is no situation more mutually mortifying than a mum who has made a loin of beef meeting a vegetarian who can only eat the peas. We have a diverse range of members, ranging from vegans, macrobiotic eaters, pescetarians, ovo-laco vegetarians, and people new to the lifestyle.We even have rawfood vegans and vegetarians among our members!So unlike other dating events in the capital, you can skip on having to explain why you don’t fancy tucking into a steak on your first date.The whole concept is based around speed dating so you can meet lots of new people in one night.(This is one scenario in which Yelp is actually useful.) Look up the menu.