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Updating records in the database with asp net

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The Contoso University sample web application demonstrates how to create ASP.

NET MVC 5 applications using the Entity Framework 6 Code First and Visual Studio 2013.

One is when you want to pass only one or two parameters, but the values you want to pass are not among the first positions in the parameter list.

Another situation is when you want to make your code more readable by passing the parameters in the order that makes the most sense to you.

Clicking on Edit link on the list page (Index) brings us to Edit page for corresponding record.

OLEDB.4.0; DATA SOURCE=d:\test.mdb;"; string str SQL = "UPDATE persons SET full Name = 'John Doe' WHERE u ID = 6"; Ole Db Connection obj Connection = new Ole Db Connection(str Conn); Ole Db Command obj Command = new Ole Db Command(str SQL,obj Connection); obj Command.

db Qwik Site generates all the code and SQL for you, it’s simply amazing!For most relationships, this can be done by updating either foreign key fields or navigation properties.For many-to-many relationships, the Entity Framework doesn't expose the join table directly, so you add and remove entities to and from the appropriate navigation properties.This part of the process works almost exactly like the page you created in the previous tutorial, so much of this tutorial will be familiar. NET operator that represents the current website root.) The result is that this part of the markup in the column simply produces something like the following markup at run time: will be different for each row. The three columns you originally had in the grid displayed only data values (title, genre, and year).There are several ways you could implement a way to edit an individual movie. You specified this display by passing the name of the database column — for example, Named Parameters and Positional Parameters for a Method Many times when you've called a method and passed parameters to it, you've simply listed the parameter values separated by commas.The approach shown was chosen because it's easy to implement and easy to understand. Get Html( table Style: "grid", header Style: "head", alternating Row Style: "alt", columns: grid. Here are a couple of examples: We didn't mention the issue when you first saw this code, but in each case, you're passing parameters to the methods in a specific order — namely, the order in which the parameters are defined in that method.