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While many messaging apps use phone numbers as identifiers, Kik users can create usernames that are more difficult to trace back.
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The founders of Awake Dating, Aine and Jarrod Fidden, determine an “awake” person as “somebody who is more on an in-depth critical thinker, they question the mainstream narrative”.

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He told Sputnik News that "To be awake is both challenging and rewarding.I signed up — purely for research purposes — and soon found myself at an impasse when asked to describe my interests.The list of identifying idiosyncrasies is breathtakingly long, and it includes Illuminati Symbolism, Underground Bases, Freemasonry Conspiracy, Atlantis, UFO, Population Control, Universal Consciousness, Fibonacci Sequence, Mind Control and Magick in Corporate Music Industry, HAARP, Predictive Programming, Flat Earth, Shadow Government, Hollywood Psyops and Mind Control, Whistleblowers, Crop Circles, Shamanism, Ley Lines, Planet X/Nibiru, Nano Technology, Fukushima Fallout, 9/11 Truth, Hollow Earth, and dozens more.Under this wide tent are the lovesick eyes of every variety of truther you can possibly imagine…Fidden, the COO and founder, defines his typical ‘awake’ user as “one who has investigated and come to his or her own conclusions on a collection of topics and issues.And through this research and critical thinking, [he] has ‘woken’ from the fantastic false dream carefully crafted for the ‘consumer.’”…At Awake Dating, you're free of judgment, says the site's founder, whereas “your family, former friends and colleagues will prefer to brand you as 'cracked' for speaking what you perceive as truths.” Even conspiracy theorists need love.