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Speed dating at comic con

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I didn't end up going to the one listed at Comic Con, assuming it was going to be 90% men there.Any information would be good to know, the format etc... Was at a Comic Con but it could easily be adapted for Gen Con.Men paid , and the ladies were free Saturday at the event held amid the convention inside the Double Tree Hotel. " Though not everyone was dressed in costume, men and women flirted their way through conversations revolving around comic books, video games and conventions. By the end of the almost-hourlong session, she hadn't written any names on her note card. He was doing a panel on his work as the voice of Spider-Man in the current animated series of the Ultimate Spider-Man.Convention host Croix Provence played timekeeper, counting down the two minutes limited for each date. Nick Krouskos, 26, of Hudson, got straight to the point. " he asked Krista Foskit, 23, of New Port Richey as soon as the timer began. " he continued before discovering the two share an interest in the video game World of Warcraft. "We definitely have to set this up so we can play together sometime." When a man somewhat resembling Clark Kent sat down across from Leslie Fisher, 30, of Tampa, she had one question: "Why aren't you dressed up like Superman? I don't have his black hair," James Blaylock, 26, of New Port Richey said. When the final countdown ended, the men filtered slowly out of the ballroom's doors while most of the women stayed put. A woman in the crowd yelled: "Did we win a date with him?

After spending an entire day at the Javits Convention Center, I went to the room where the speed dating was held.

When I was there they were offering incentives for the women's side to help balance it out so it was closer to an even split (I think there were only like 5 more men than women), something like "All proceeds go to $CHARITY, men are women are ".

Basically the women sat in a big circle with a circle of chairs for the men facing them.

I didn't see anything about this at Gen Con, but when I went to Comic Con they had something like this.

Anyone have any experience with how this went at Comic Con and any interest if someone were to host it at Gen Con?