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Sodom and gomorrah archaeological dating validating dropdown list selection in asp c sharp

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Scholars (despite some of their own “press reports”) are not completely objective machines. Another curiosity relates to an extraordinary pottery sherd (or fragment), found within the ash “destruction” layer, which features a striking and unusual glazed appearance (see video below). The entirety of Tall el-Hammam’s MB2 footprint is covered in heavy ash (from .5m-1m thick), ash filled destruction debris, and other conflagratory indicators that will be published in appropriate venues. It must follow the travel route of Lot” (who went to the other side of the Jordan, eastward, away from Jericho.)’”“To start with, the Tall el-Hammam site has twenty-five geographical indicators that align with the description in Genesis. skeletal remains were found throughout the area, following the same patterns.”, offers readers another helpful overview of these matters, in the course of his review of Dr.They have strong opinions and vigorously react to criticisms: especially those thought to be unjust and unfair. Pottery glazing has not been found on pottery until more than 1,000 years later than the date of the sherd. “All I want to say ‘on camera’ is, they appear to have been wiped out in a ‘heat event’.” Dr. After greatly emphasizing the need for as objective and scientific as possible analysis, and his desire for triple-blind studies by three or more parties, he was willing to comment further on the “heat event” (and all students of the Bible know where that might potentially lead): On our terminal MB2 event, what I can say is that multiple lines of evidence continue to confirm that not only massive Tall el-Hammam, but also its many satellite towns and villages on the eastern Kikkar, suffered some sort of fiery, civilization-ending cataclysm toward the end of the Middle Bronze Age, with the selfsame, well-watered-in-abundance area remaining devoid of settlements for the next 600 years or so . Compare this with something well known—like Jerusalem—that has only sixteen. So this site has a greater number of indicators than any other Old Testament site. Collins’ book, Discovering the City of Sodom(co-author Latayne C.Archaeologists once boasted that the Bible was full of errors because no independent, historic evidence had been found to confirm the Bible’s claims.But a slew of astounding discoveries has put a damper on their boasting.In the foreground, dolmens can be seen that belonged to a huge megalithic field.

Steven Collins, Dean and Professor at Trinity Southwest University.

As we have shown previously, the geographical data preserved in the Scriptures, especially in Gen.

13, strongly point to the eastern side of the circular alluvial plain north of the Dead Sea for the location of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboiim.

The Torah tells us the story of the rise and downfall of Sodom and Gomorrah.

To the non-believer, the Biblical story seems so incredible that it must be relegated to the realm of myth and fantasy.