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It must be less than 10 and meaningful that you are/will working on activites.

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learn more A child’s success in school can open the pathway to a bright future.

That’s why 360 Communities has three programs that work with children, their parents and their places of learning to ensure school success from birth through high school graduation.

The lobby hours for administrative purposes, which includes obtaining copies of reports, gun permits, animal control, or other informational items, are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. In non-emergency situations, you should contact a locksmith, tow company, or full-service gas station. The City of Lakeville follows the Dakota County curfew ordinance: Under 12Sunday-Thursday: 9 p.m.-5 a.m. The DCC encourages the use of 911 for any situation that requires the response of police, fire, or emergency medical personnel.

On Sunday, Hartwell Hanson took her case public, asking everyone to be on the lookout for her teenage daughter — and the 30-year-old guy who apparently took her away.

Danielle Edson was last seen at a Target in Lakeville, where Hartwell Hanson dropped her on Saturday afternoon. Saying she'd been in contact with "police, Target, and [Edson's] friends," Hartwell Hanson says her daughter had arranged to be picked up by an adult man, believed to be 30 years old, whom she had met online.

If you dial 911 and hang up without speaking to a dispatcher, a police officer will most likely be sent to the location the call was made from.

When you call 911 an emergency dispatcher will answer the phone and ask you for details about your situation. If you dial 911 by accident, please stay on the line and advise the dispatcher that the call to 911 was an accident.