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Self monitoring and dating relationships

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A survey of 97 (N = 97) undergraduate daters was conducted.

Results revealed that self-monitoring was negatively related to intimate communication and relational quality.

Keywords: Intimate Communication; Relational Commitment; Relational Satisfaction; Self-Monitoring ********** Many consider communication to be a significant factor in establishing a quality relationship.

More specifically, effective communication skills are thought to help initiate and enhance romantic relationships because they help individuals reach benchmarks and attain desired goals within the relationship (Dindia & Timmerman, 2003).

The concept is like a personality trait that has to do with awareness and flexibility.The best "catches" in dating land may be the worst choices in the long-run, new research shows.Popular people who monitor themselves carefully in social situations and thereby appear to be the most socially appropriate are often highly sought after as romantic partners, a study finds, but these people show less satisfaction and commitment in relationships than socially-awkward people.High self-monitors watched television more for escape than low self-monitors.Implications for research on dysfunctional relationship beliefs are discussed.High self-monitors readily adjust their behavior to the situation at hand.