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Scientific proof against carbon dating

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101 evidences for a young age of the earth and the universe is an extensive list of arguments for young Earth creationism (YEC), compiled by Don Batten in June 2009 for Creation Ministries International (CMI). Batten collects a variety of supposed uncertainties in science dealing with the past that could allow one to simultaneously maintain belief in the validity of the scientific method and the literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis through confirmation bias.

The apparent intent of the article is to help other creationists struggling with cognitive dissonance, and for use as a conversion tool.

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We thank you in advance for partnering with us in this small but significant way. All methods of radioactive dating rely on three assumptions that may not necessarily be true: It is assumed that the rate of decay has remained constant over time.

In addition to numerous factual errors and failures to understand the theories which it is intended to criticize, the document suffers from faulty logic.

A list of arguments broken down by fallacy is presented at the end of this page.

However, conditions may have been different in the past and could have influenced the rate of decay or formation of radioactive elements.This nullifies the carbon-14 method as well as demonstrating that the earth is less than 10,000 years old. One suspects that the scientific world would not be using the carbon-14 method if it were so obviously flawed.Could it be that the whole scientific community has missed this point, or is it another case of creationist daydreaming?In the few cases where reputable peer-reviewed scientific papers are cited, their content is severely misrepresented or incorrectly interpreted.Ultimately, the article seeks to persuade by force of numbers, rather than force of argument.Evolutionists assume that the rate of cosmic bombardment of the atmosphere has always remained constant and that the rate of decay has remained constant.