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Most of our vintage ephemera collection doesn't show upright pianos until the 1870s, although upright pianos were built on a limited scale all through the early and middle 19 century approached, makers began shifting their production from the square grand piano to the upright piano, as the public's tastes were beginning to change and homes were becoming smaller and less suited for large square grand pianos.
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However, strictly speaking, you can’t be menopausal while you are still having periods, no matter how erratic they are.

In this situation you are described as perimenopausal.

The main sign of the menopause is that periods stop.

FACULTY OF ARTS DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Al-Majali, Mohammad Khazer Saleh; Baird, Douglas David Norman; Black, Iris Margaret; Crang, Jeremy Andrew; Dawe, Jennifer Ann; Gibb, Lorna; Hill, David John; Jones, Neil Franklin; Mac Donald, James Roderick; Marks, Peter Robert; Marshall, Christopher Warren; Sanderson, Elizabeth Crombie; Shuttleton, David Ewen; Sorace, Antonella, Laurea; Watt, Helen Patricia; Yaacob, Asiah Bt; Yuan, Boping. English Literature and French II:1 -- Wilson, Helen Victoria Jane.

However, although she lost her business HQ – a £3-million mansion set in 140 acres of parkland – and had to lay off many of her close friends, she has bounced back. Her face is extraordinarily unlined for a woman of 70 – ‘not genetic at all’, she says.

Like everything else in her life – bar a brief dalliance with Botox five years ago – her good skin is the result of effort and iron will.

‘They wanted slim hips and thighs and the book delivered.

Women queued at WH Smith to buy it and they queued to come to our classes.’Along with the highs of 45 years in the diet industry, Rosemary has also weathered considerable setbacks: her low-fat diet fell out of fashion when sugar and carbs became demonised instead of fat; her magazine closed down; and then, in 2014, her empire, Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness, went into administration because women, faced with myriad diet choices and other crazes such as Zumba classes, stopped going to the Conley franchised slimming clubs.