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What could have turned into a bland gimmick is worked for all its worth, with ticking clocks and tense cross-cutting creating drama by the very passage of time as federal agents race the clock to track suspects and defuse terrorist plots while breathless pacing, dynamic crosscutting and often outrageous twists keep the show zooming forward episode after episode, season after season.

This set collects all eight seasons of 24—that makes it, what, 192?

Later, Jack ripped through an entire squad of Russian thugs with absolutely no remorse. I've always been a little bummed that "nuking Valencia" didn't replace "jumping the shark" in our pop-culture lexicon.

After a go-for-broke fifth season, it was pretty clear from jumpstreet that 24 didn't know what to do in Season 6.

But it turns out Kim has snuck out of her room and headed off to a cool club with her cool friends, complete with crimped hair.

But there’s no time for Jack to worry about his daughter’s terrible hairstyle or chronic absenteeism.

The original DVD release came out before TV shows became such hot sellers and featured only an introduction by Keifer Sutherland and the dull alternate “happy ending” as supplements.

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The big box essentially collects the previous releases, each in separate keepcases (some extra-wide, a couple standard size, all packed with hinged trays and multiple discs), in a handsome package, giving the owner the option to keep them boxed up or take them out and line-up up on their shelves library style—a choice that makes this simple design choice more attractive than many of the “clever” but unwieldy creations of past box sets.

Tony (Carlos Bernard) was, for all intents and purposes, murdered in Season 5 by the miserable Christopher Henderson (Peter Weller). But after a terrible sixth season severely lacking in characters the audience could invest in, the show took a big leap to bring back one of CTU's finest. ), but Fox's cancellation of the show meant that Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) could be completely unhinged in the final few hours.

Of course Tony had "turned evil" since the last time we had seen him, but in the 24 universe, all decisions made with revenge in mind are at least somewhat justifiable. The final season of 24 was nearly universally terrible from start to finish (Remember Freddie Prinze Jr. Renee Walker's (Annie Wersching) death caused Jack to snap, resulting in an extended and gruesome torture sequence involving a blow torch.

This is all to set up Jack to frame him for a planned assassination of presidential candidate David Palmer.

Turns out a Kosovan warlord is behind the conspiracy: Victor Drazen. *](#) Aside from episode one (for obvious reasons), each episode in the first season begins with a gruff voiceover from Kiefer Sutherland to the effect of, “Right now, terrorists are planning to assassinate a presidential candidate. and people that I work with may be involved in both.