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Radgrid not updating on rebind

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Double clicking the grid opens up a radwindow that lets the users edit the grid row data. To me it looks like the client side is missing something.I want the grid on the parent page to refresh without having to do a full page refresh. Please look at my code that I posted earlier and confirm that at least I am going in the right direction. vithiya I have a question about setting the Enable View State property to false.

JP‌​G This is the desired: JP‌​GWhat i am understand is you want to display Textbox/Checkbox in second/third/forth column and in first column it shows the name as label.

But when I click on the Add New Record button provided by Telerik, then an empty row is added without any Text Box or Check Box in the columns to edit in the new Row added. I presume that I have to create the controls dynamically in the called Item Data Bound event, but I didn't manage to find the actual code for this. The desired outcome is that all data populated in the grid must be editable.

The solution above, solves the issue with Add New Record, but all populated data in the grid is no longer editable.

By turning off the property aren't we messing up our application? Can somebody from telerik confirm that this is an acceptable solution?

If not please suggest other ways to get the ajax call to work without disbaling the viewstate property. vithiya Ok, while there was no response for my previous question, here is another one.