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Quicken online quotes not updating

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You can download and export up to 18 months' worth of Vanguard transaction history into Quicken.

After you download your data, your operating system should automatically recognize the file and import it directly into your Quicken records.

Since I rarely buy a new version of software until it has been on the market for a few months (enough time for the most serious bugs to have been fixed), I bided my time by checking into the remaining alternatives to Quicken.

(The product's biggest competitor, Microsoft Money, had been discontinued in 2009).

I been Using Quicken personal plus since it first started without nearly no problems at all.

Since about 3 weeks my shareprice download stopped working, I forward the reports as advised, no replay recieved sofar.

Archive with script and readme: QImport P-0.6.0[2015-04-09] Previous release: QImport P-0.5.0[2009] And here are links to look at the key files: QImport P.wsf, the README, and the Change Log file.

Quicken 2006 itself installs on even the latest Windows 10 (2016) just fine.

[As an aside, it is just amazing that Windows 10 has kept compatibility alive for old software - Quicken 2006, as well as the Send Keys method used by the script below! ] There is certainly no technical decision to disable automatic stock price updates - it is just a marketing push, so make people upgrade even if they do not desire to move to a new version.

If you're a Quicken user, you probably know that unless you upgrade at least once every three years, you'll be cut off from all online services -- such as bill paying, and downloading banking or credit card transactions -- by April 30 of the third year. Then there were the changes Intuit had made to the program's user interface over the years that forced me to change my habits every 12 months. Last year, after checking out the new features and the user reviews for Quicken 2014 on Amazon (users gave it roughly three stars out of five), I decided to hold out for a third and final year.

Angry users have called it plenty of you upgrade Quicken every year? But a few years ago, I began to question whether each new version's bells and whistles, many of which I didn't need, were worth the price.