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Initiative Against Homophobia, is struggling to reform the law on sexual orientation which is one of the basic human rights and freedoms, in the process of harmonization the laws of the TRNC with the EU legislation.

In 2008 Initiative Against Homophobia has presented “Resolution regulating the presence of different sexual orientations” to the head of the Parliament of TRNC.

Abstract In this dissertation the aim is to provide the reader with the opportunity to glimpse into the world and share the experiences of displaced Turkish-Cypriot women.

It includes the reflections of a participant, the author’s personal story and an interpretation of aspects of that story using selected documents/memories from their experiences.

Prostitution in Pakistan is a taboo culture of sex-trade that exists as an open secret but illegal.

Prostitution is largely based in organisational setups like brothels or furthered by individual call girls in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

In the region, occupational clans evolved over time providing specific skills to the society through hereditary exclusion from others.These research methods generate some insight into the development of identity and the changes that occur over time to the concept of ‘self’ within the context of their life experiences and social-cultural backgrounds.The dissertation concludes that the training in the counselling world would benefit from introducing a focus on the foundations of ethnicity, religion, culture, and identity, thereby to explore differences and similarities. According to Kibris Newspaper, the police arrested one of the men in a hostel where he stayed and the other man in a park. Police officer Ercan Atasay has claimed that on 20th of July 2011 in Nicosia defendants have committed the crime of “having sexual relation against nature”. who said “I was a single man,” said that he was defamed, while the defendant H. In TRNC article 171 of Chapter 154 of Criminal Code orders that “whoever has sexual intercourse against the order of nature with any person, or, allows sexual intercourse against the order of nature with a male, commits a heavy crime and is punished with up to five years of prison”. The court heard Ercan Atasay, a police officer on duty at Judicial Branch Directorate connected to the Police Headquarters in Nicosia, as a witness. Thereupon, the judge Fatma Senol, decided that the two men under suspect should stay in custody for one day. The police states that the men were arrested based on complaints by their neighbours. On behalf of Attorney General the prosecutor Aliye Ozcinar and two men were presented.