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Profile unix updating user starview keeps updating

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The Job Title field is configured to be sync'd: I note there's this article: Update to User Profile Property in Share Point is not reverted to original AD value after Incremental Profile Import ..I haven't modified the data for this. Without this incremental changes will not be picked up.

Check articles for detailed setup and container permissions in AD.

When the user logs in on a second desktop computer, this process repeats, merging the roaming profile from the server to the second desktop computer, and then merging back from the desktop to the server when the user logs off.

We have been mapping users to groups through Cognos SDK. When we add an user to a group (through SDK) & check the group through the directory (from cognos connection), the user is mapped to that group.

The objective is to keep their profile data on my website in sync with their profile data on facebook.

So if a user updates their profile picture on facebook.

Once the user is logged out successfully the Welcome page is displayed.

The Update Profile page allows the logged in user to update his/her profile. If the user wants to update or change his/her profile in the registration form, user has to click on the "Update Profile" link on the web browser.

Yes, I know how to puzzle through the documentation and learn when each file is or isn't loaded.

What I'm wondering is if anyone has every put together comprehensive guidelines for how to decide which file to put a given type of customization in.

Below the Sync Service telling me it's detected an update for the DS_DELTAIMPORT Profile, however the "Job Title" field isn't being set.

I notice the change doesn't appear in the subsequent MOSS_EXPORT (but may appear in MOSS_DETLASYNC, too many items to check) - does this mean it's come into Fore Front but hasn't updated Share Point? Have you configured the Sync account with Replicating Directory Changes correctly in AD?