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Außerdem hebt sich Parship noch dadurch von der Konkurrenz ab, dass es sehr vorbildlich auf den Datenschutz achtet. Read Article → Jeder, der sich mit dem Online-Dating etwas beschäftigt hat, kennt die etablierten Portale und vielleicht auch ein paar nicht ganz so bekannte.The game soon spread to the mainland, first surfacing in California, Texas, Oregon, and Washington before spreading to the rest of the country.By 1993, the previously obscure game of milk caps, which had almost been forgotten, was now played throughout the world.In 1955, Haleakala discontinued using the glass containers, but continued making the caps to allow the game to be played.The 1990s revival is credited to Blossom Galbiso, a teacher and guidance counselor who taught at Waialua Elementary School in Oahu.In 1991, Galbiso introduced the game she had played as a little girl to a new generation of students, soon incorporating milk caps into her fifth grade curriculum as a way of teaching math and as a nonviolent alternative to other popular schoolyard games, such as dodgeball.