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Nick rhodes is dating a fan

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'I feel like I’m saying goodbye to an old friend again, and it just felt wrong not to do so in person.Since my love of art began with my mother, I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather have there by my side, so we decided to take our first ever mother-daughter trip to New York, just the two of us.'In his diaries, he noted: “Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran came to the office and bought his girlfriend Julie Anne. He was wearing twice as much makeup as she was, although he is half as tall.' 'Our first call when we got to New York was always to Andy,” Julie Anne, now 55, says: 'He was our organizer.Vocalist Simon Le Bon came aboard based on the recommendation of his ex-girlfriend, a bartender at Birmingham's Rum Runner club.The 51-year-old keyboardist met Italian beauty Nefer Suvio, 32, in Rome nearly two years ago and the star has revealed they have now set up home together at his property in London.As a teenager, Rhodes started playing in a band with longtime friend John Taylor in the 1970s.Rhodes, Taylor and Stephen Duffy formed a group that would evolve into the international sensation known as Duran Duran.

He cited a dislike for being called Master Bates and chose the name "Rhodes" after the brand of electric piano.

At Taylor's suggestion, he changed his last name from Bates to Rhodes.

After Duffy left the group, Rhodes and Taylor brought in drummer Roger Taylor.

The band achieved rapid success, and Rhodes was a driving force throughout.

An unschooled musician, he loved experimenting with the sounds his analog synthesizers were capable of, but shied away from the "novelty" sounds of some other early synth bands.