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Today, there’s one less thing to anticipate as we announce the final release of ASP. \ Those links will provide more details about what’s new in ASP. Also included in this release is the 1.0 release of Nu Get.

NET MVC 3, but I’ll give a quick bullet list of some of the deliciousness you have to look forward to. I’ll let you in on a little secret though, if you upgraded Nu Get via the Visual Studio Extension Gallery, then you’ve been running the 1.0 release for a little while now.

If you already have an older version of Nu Get installed, the ASP. Instead launch the VS Extension manager (within Visual Studio go to the At this point I’m obligated to point out that everything about Nu Get is open source and we’re always looking for contributors.

If you’re interested in contributing, but are finding impediments to it, let us know what we can improve to make it easier to get involved. NET MVC 3 assembly is being released under the OSI certified Ms-PL license.

The Spring Framework supports declarative transaction management, remote access to your logic through RMI or web services, and various options for persisting your data.

Create an new Attribute Validation error result: code: Standard Anthony Zigenbine provides a great post for property dependency.

First, putting validation logic -- which is really part of your business rules -- into your business classes lets UI developers concentrate on what's important to the UI (workflow, where and how validation is to be displayed and so on) and ignore what's not (implementing business rules). NET Framework also makes your code more efficient because the alternative to implementing these interfaces is to have your business classes raise exceptions.

Exceptions are guaranteed to bring the CLR to a halt (every Visual Studio developer knows that when a debugging session takes a long pause it's because an exception has been raised).

In other environments, the UI developer needs to add some support for displaying the error messages your component generates.

There are lots of benefits to turning classes into components by incorporating validation logic into your business logic.