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The very same people that would encourage you to pursue a job opportunity by surfing the net, or looking into colleges by way of the internet, might forbid you from using the online world as a means to finding love.
The internet is full of stories about women being horrifically fat-shamed or harassed on dating sites, and yes, those stories need to be told. And at a certain point, I think they can become inadvertent scare tactics, frightening plus-sized women out of the dating pool.

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This is the very basic premise of “The Sinner,” USA Network’s upcoming adaptation of Petra Hammesfahr’s book, starring Jessica Biel (“Bo Jack Horseman”), Bill Pullman (“Independence Day”), and Christopher Abbott (“James White”).The murder scene, which happens very early in the pilot, is a shocking, brutal, and blunt moment, foreshadowing more gruesome surprises to come.Rarely does a mother say, “I’ll breastfeed until I’m ready to stop.” When this situation arises – that mom is ready to stop breastfeeding but baby isn’t quite there yet – complicated emotions may develop. Depending on culture, weaning may be defined as introducing foods other than human milk to a baby or stopping breastfeeding entirely(3).For the purposes of this article, we will discuss weaning as ending all feeding at the breast.We have family dinners together — all six of us — and Abby cooks. The two confessional authors also share a connection in a woman so inspirational that her name has become shorthand for a spirituality of its own: Oprah Winfrey.Melton and Gilbert have appeared on her career-making book list and popular programs.Christian mom blogger Glennon Doyle Melton has announced her engagement to soccer star Abby Wambach. Glennon Doyle Melton has reiterated for years her position affirming that same-sex marriage is not sinful and celebrating love in various forms. And because of all of that love, they are brave.” Melton’s coming out follows fellow inspirational author and friend Elizabeth Gilbert, of “Eat, Pray, Love” fame. Feels like the world could use all the love it can get right now. DQ4e0Su Bq NUj4 — Glennon Doyle Melton (@Momastery) November 14, 2016 Melton’s news comes three months after she announced her divorce from Craig Melton, her husband of 14 years, and two months after Wambach told the media she was divorcing Sarah Huffman, her wife of three years, in the wake of a DUI arrest that pushed her to confront her addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Often, once mothers reach these scheduled milestones, they find they enjoy breastfeeding too much to stop and decide to keep going.

But this is an eight-episode limited series, meaning answers are coming.

There’s just enough intrigue in the set-up — and in Biel’s moving central performance — to justify finding out why this regular person did something so irregular.

It was very surprising, and I didn't realize how much I was hoping for a boy until that moment." Guiley, who blogged about her home birth, added that she experienced a miscarriage in 2015, and she suspects that's also part of the reason she had opted out of learning the baby's sex.

"After the miscarriage, I was just really attached to having a healthy baby, regardless of sex," she said.