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The basic principle of our agency is honesty with our clients.

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Dear Jen, I'm constantly attracting guys who are really screwed up.My last boyfriend seemed ready to settle down when I met him and was constantly cheating on me by the time I finally left. Sometimes when we have a distorted belief about our self, it influences how we act towards others (i.e.attract others) that then confirms the original distorted belief.have found out from one of my boys, she would've been upfront with me, and told me herself.The whole notion of hearing from somebody else, and moreover, her denying it – led me to believe that this probably wasn't the first or only time. I'll never know for sure, and that's cool, because if there's any emotion that pairs with cheating, as well as a glass of port does with some dark chocolate – it's that feeling of general bewilderment.So, here are Five reasons women stay with men who cheat and lie: 1) Most men are very territorial about their woman's body.

Ray sold me a turd of a car, and even though he is a giant sucking thing, it's my own dumb fault.When we hold a distorted view of our self, we can miss these flags.Looking back at your past relationships, what indicators did you overlook that would have told you she was cheating?Others have been severely depressed and some barely functional (alcoholic, can't keep a job, no friends, etc.) I'm a fairly happy person, I have a family that loves me, a good job, great friends -- why can't I find someone like myself? It's not like I seek them out, because they all seem perfectly normal at first, but once we've been dating for awhile, sure enough, the craziness starts to seep out. - Crazy About the Crazies Dear Crazy, I once bought a used car from an auto mechanic a few towns over.Before giving him the money, I had a shop nearby take a look at it to make sure it was worth buying.Coincidentally, all the guys at this place knew and loved Ray, the mechanic I was buying it from, and stood around the open hood as if it was the office water cooler, regaling me with stories about Ray's kids and how that one time he let them borrow his air drill.