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Javascript validating on paste textbox

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I've found a few other answers to this on SO but most are FF-only and none seemed to offer a complete solution.Here's the code I have so far: 1 thanks @scessor, that is very helpful to know.

We can implement this functionality by using below methods.

NET's Membership, Roles, and Profile - Part 11.) The downside to using a validation email is that it adds one more step to the registration process, which will cause some people to bail out on the registration process.

A simpler approach to lessening email entry errors is to have the user enter their email address twice, just like how most registration forms prompt users to enter their password twice.

This behavior circumvents the purpose of the two textboxes - any typo entered into the first textbox will be copied into the second.

Using a bit of Java Script it is possible to prevent most users from copying text from one textbox and pasting it into another, thereby requiring the user to type their email address into both textboxes. NET, Java Script code is typically event-driven, meaning that certain blocks of Java Script execute in response to particular events.