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Let’s take a moment to break down what we’ve learned so far." data-reactid="14"Though some fans find Fleiss’s updates “creepy and invasive,” the producer’s tweets are also a tantalizing window into what we can expect next season.
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WITH LOVE TO THE VICTIMS More than one hundred thousand letters and hundreds of telephone calls pour through our Focus on the Family offices each month, representing the full range of human circumstance and need.Every form of suffering and anguish, as well as many joys and triumphs, is shared with us in intimate detail from day to day. It specializes in family issues approached from a fundamentalist standpoint, espousing homophobia and strongly advocating corporal punishment for children.Its meddling attitude can be summed up by the bumper sticker slogan "FOCUS ON YOUR OWN DAMN FAMILY!James Dobson has endorsed Republican nominee Donald Trump for president, further boosting the candidate’s standing among evangelical voters.

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Dobson made headlines when he announced the candidate recently did “accept a relationship with Christ” and was now a “baby Christian,” something Trump still has not acknowledged.

The group has not yet become famous for its ability to find "anti-Christian discrimination" in anything that happens anywhere, but rest assured that this will happen any day now.

Focus on the Family has specifically been involved in trying to stop the legislature and the (then) governor of Colorado, Bill Ritter, from signing a bill that would extend non-discrimination protections to LGBT people, using the common scare tactic that men will come into the girls' restroom.

The decision to endorse Trump came in direct response to Sen.

Ted Cruz’s speech the night before at the convention, a Dobson spokesperson confirmed to RNS.