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Speak to the defeated target and then return to Farkas in Jorrvaskr.If your target has already been killed before they are assigned the arrow will hover over the dead body.In this particular mission, one of the Companion members named Farkas will tell you that a certain person is causing trouble in a random location and that you need to take care of it.Hired Muscle is one of many “radiant” type quests available in Skyrim.One of the methods of gaining speech as written on the wiki: Method Two During the Dark Brotherhood quest, "Recipe for Disaster", Anton Virane (the Chef of the Understone Keep in Markarth) can be intimidated repeatedly to level Speech.This can be accomplished by: Check that wiki page though, too much to explain here, it shows EVERYTHING on it.You need to covertly return a ring to its owner's house(master locked.Best to make a save and try pickpocketing the key from the owner.

You simply need to intimidate the random person that you are assigned; no killing.Radiant quests are missions that involve random non-playable characters, places, and objects to complete it. You know, the thing you've been playing since its launch back in 2011 through what, last week? Bethesda's improbably popular roleplaying opus—it's sold north of 20 million copies to date—has been visually remastered to look like the sort of thing you might buy new in 2016. The one that launched a thousand listicles with wonky names like "Sky UI" or "Moonpath to Elsweyr." That had an awkward cameo on a show your parents (and probably their parents) watch.You can play it on PC, Play Station 4 or Xbox One as of Oct. It's a very common thing, I'd say, with all of our games.Targets won't back down from simple fighting words, as either one challenges you to...fairly civil fisticuffs.