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Internet dating impact society

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Or, on the contrary, is it really making dating more efficient by streamlining our needs and desires to find the perfect match?

One of the biggest sociological issue raised by online dating is our gender role ideology.

Men are dominating online dating, not only in terms of sexual scripts, but in actually using the technology itself, “Men were significantly more likely to believe the use of web-based dating services as an acceptable dating initiator, whereas women were significantly more likely than men to use cell phone talking as a romantic relationship initiator.”(Rapplyea, Taylor & Fang, 2014) How we are socialized in the dating world is also changing.

No longer will we have sons and daughters meeting the parents at home on the first date, but rather we will have to change our ideology about dating to fit the technological times, so parents will be looking up prospective partners online and vetting them based on their Tinder profiles.

You can leave your partner and find a new one within the week.

Because of being raised in a generation of disposable objects/relationships, many young people may find it more difficult to commit as the world becomes more transient.

And as Ethan mentioned, online dating is ideal for introverts.

Introvert's have a better chance at finding love in online dating because they can expend their precious social energy on people whom they already somewhat know they want to be spending their energy on.

There are now more ways than ever to initiate and maintain relationships over the internet, and online dating websites form a large part of these.Instead of online dating being an equalizer, it’s making our gendered behaviors more pronounced than ever.In the article “Gender Differences and Communication Technology Use Among Emerging Adults in the Initiation of Dating Relationships” by Rapplyea, Fang and Taylor, “The difference in males seeking web-based dating services speaks to the idea that males are more likely to announce their availability online for the purpose of pursuing a romantic relationship.” (Rapplyea, Taylor & Fang, 2014).Because it's now easier than ever to get in to a relationship, people are starting to de-prioritize love and intimacy.Relationships are less of a scarce resource compared to what they used to be.I also feel that online dating (and the internet in general) helps remove the stigma of a lot of social and sexual rules that we were raised to believe.