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The following year saw the release of her first theatrical feature, the lesbian-themed drama Lost and Delirious, in which she played a supporting role as Jessica Paré's sister, and another television guest spot on an episode of the short-lived medical horror series All Souls, where she played a hit and run victim with spinal trauma.

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offers four different international shipping methods: NOTE: Netherlands Direct Mail has been combined into the Priority Direct Mail.

Instead, the machine creates a portion of slushy foam on top that will keep your beer super cold while tasting great.

Kirin Ichiban first introduced their “frozen beer” slushies at special beer garden in Tokyo back in 2012 and decided to mass produce a machine after tremendous positive feedback.

The sensor, that is primarily used to map movement across a range of titles available for the Xbox One, will now allow users to become connected in a totally different way. The company was also keen to point out that the “new APIs are designed to work not only with the Kinect sensor but with any other sensors capable of delivering rich data streams—provided you have a matching device driver.” The second update reveals that the Kinect driver on Windows Update has now been enabled.

The first of two updates Microsoft states will allow users to “enumerate the Kinect sensor’s RGB/IR/depth cameras and then use Media Fram Reader to stream frames” through the use of the Windows. Once the Kinect’s drivers are updated, this should allow users to use the sensor as a normal webcam.