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Therefore give them an update on progress at every opportunity.

They dis-empower staff, stifle opportunity and innovation, and give rise to poor performance. If you believe your team can’t be trusted and can’t do a proper job it won’t be long before they believe you!

And it’s getting worse: some 47,700 teachers left their jobs in the year 2010-11, up from 40,070 in 2009-10. This begs two immediate questions: what are they doing? Maybe they are: a recent NASUWT survey showed that 84% of teachers felt demoralised and de-professionalised and that over 50% of teachers had seriously considered leaving the profession in the previous 12 months.

I’ve heard countless tales of burn out, appalling student behaviour and workplace bullying, but without hard data any solution will be based on the twin devils of hearsay and rumour.

The id is the part of personality that seeks to fulfill all wants, needs, and impulses.

It is the most basic, primal part of our personalities and does not consider things such as the social appropriateness, morality, or even reality of fulfilling our wants and needs.