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Here's how to binge-watch the show that changed how TV considered LGBT stories.Grab a cocktail and your most reflective shirt—it's time to watch all of . Season 2, Episode 7February 17, 2002Michael (Hal Sparks) clashes with friends and family over his new love interest, an HIV-positive professor. Season 2, Episode 8March 3, 2002Michael decides it's time to get out into the dating scene after breaking it off with Ben. Meanwhile, Brian (Gale Harold) is forced to deal with his church-going mother and Ted (Scott Lowell) tries a sexually enhancing drug that causes him more grief than pleasure. Season 2, Episode 9March 10, 2002Michael (Hal Sparks) decides not to allow others to control him by trying to get Ben (Robert Gant) back in his life. Season 2, Episode 11March 31, 2002Preparations for Melanie and Lindsay's wedding don't go smoothly as the women encounter one obstacle after another, but help comes from a surprising source. Best Character to Follow: The most interesting person on the show, easily, is Brian Kinney.He's a classic Anti-Hero-With-a-Code, but in a way that's never boring.Number of Seasons: 5 (83 episodes)Time Requirements: You're looking at roughly 65 hours of TV here, but it can go by surprisingly quickly.

Meanwhile, Lindsay and Melanie ask Lindsay's parents to help with their wedding, while Emmett presents Ted with a list of demands. Meanwhile, Justin meets a lover his own age, and Emmett discovers who his secret admirer is. Season 2, Episode 10March 17, 2002Debbie discovers a body in the alley of the diner; Lindsay and Melanie prepare for their wedding despite Lindsay's homophobic parents; Michael confronts the loss of his comic-book hero, Captain Astro; the relationship between Emmett and George deepens. Gale Morgan Harold III (born July 10, 1969) is an American actor known for his leading and recurring roles on Queer as Folk, Deadwood, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, The Secret Circle and Defiance.He played the leading man in the indie hit film Falling for Grace. His father was an engineer and his mother a real estate agent., one of the show's executive producers, isn't just serving up a sound bite sound biten.A brief statement, as by a politician, taken from an audiotape or videotape and broadcast especially during a news report: "The box has been spitting forth maddening nine-second sound bites" when he calls this Queer as Folk--the hotly anticipated American adaptation of the groundbreaking 1999 British miniseries--"a true show for the millennium, a series of this century, not of the last century." Still, American Queer as Folk fans are finding it hard to believe anything on American TV could rival the sexual and emotional frankness of the English original. In a gay press exclusive, The Advocate went on the set to find out.The scene now being filmed is set in the modest, comic book-strewn Pittsburgh apartment of Michael, a sweet-natured but put-upon assistant department store manager.