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She may not be monogamous, they may have an agreement of sorts, or she may just be your opposite in this matter.All you can do is take a risk (’cause let’s face it, no matter what you do here, it’s a risk), and hope for the best.If I have to tell him, how do I be a messenger that doesn’t get shot?Let me issue you a warm welcome to the burden of witnessing.Now let’s assume worst case scenario: She might be embarrassed, she might be defensive, she might accuse you of lying or being jealous, and worst of all, she will be hurt and you might feel at least partly to blame.It sucks but that’s part of the friendship contract, you’re there for the good and the bad times.

Suddenly, I saw him, pint glass in hand, looking handsome and relaxed.

That is, until the warning signs started to appear.

After they’d been together for a few months, when she logged into her Match.

But while I felt relatively relaxed about finding a boyfriend in due course, for Laura it was a major concern. An entrepreneur a couple of years older than her, James seemed to have it all: looks, money, confidence and charm.

She’s a few years older than me, in her early thirties, and as time passed I could see she was increasingly eager to get married and have children. Most importantly, he seemed equally bowled over by her, sending her flowers and telling her she was his perfect woman.