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Hull acquired the Acme Pottery Company in Crooksville, Ohio in 1905 and the business was renamed A. The company branched out into art pottery approaching the 1920s, and expanded the business to include a showroom in New York, offices in Chicago and Detroit, and a warehouse in New Jersey in addition to the Crooksville factory, according to the Hull Pottery Association's website. The late 1930s through the 1950s saw what collectors reference as the company’s best work, including many clever figural cookie jars introduced in the early 1940s.
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Our primer of English Etymology is meant to serve as an introduction to the study of the historical grammar of English.

As our aim has, of course, not been to produce a book in any way comparable to our prede- cessor's work in fulness of detail and general completeness, we have confined ourselves merely to selecting all words,history of which bears on the development of the language at large.