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Until very recently, if you said you had a “hookup” in Oakland people usually thought it was for automatic weapons or crack.

Freaky meet sites without a credit card

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To illustrate the importance of tight security, a network TV reporter, tipped off about loose security on an Internet Web-hosting site, was able to gain access to about 1,500 customer records, which included everything from credit-card numbers and payment records to comments about particular customers.These are the kinds of stories that deflate consumer confidence.

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Harmony.) Nor are you permitted to stalk your dates, steal their private info, or use their credit card numbers to buy a jet ski.

Members enjoy Magnises’ aspirational perks, including access to a BMW 7L and driver; a 24/7 concierge service that arranges concert tickets and prime weekend reservations at chic restaurants like Catch; and such freebies as a class at David Barton Gym and a round of shots at Asian buzzspot the General. At a recent Brazilian-themed World Cup dinner at the Magnises townhouse in the West Village, pretty young things sipped Champagne and flirted with preppy boys beneath a smattering of Picassos and Matisses.

Patrick Mc Mullan, the 58-year-old nightlife photographer, held court — he has his own key and acts as a sort of mentor to the clubhouse crowd.

There are, however, a few stipulations that you may not be aware of, and hey, guess what: they could result in 100% genuine jail time!

Like…bread and water, shanked in the shower, singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot…the whole deal.