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The carbon-14 it contained at the time of death decays over a long period of time.
On an April edition of the “Anna Faris Is Unqualified” podcast, Slate said, “I didn’t know what to expect when I met Chris . “Brain on Fire” is based on the memoir by real-life Postie Susannah Cahalan, about her recovery from a mysterious autoimmune disorder that upended her life.

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I was obsessed with the shows and the movie stars who were mostly my age, but I was even more obsessed with the classic Disney Channel Original Movies. Looking back on some of my absolute favorite Disney Channel Original Movies, I have to admit that the plot lines are ridiculous, the acting is decent at best and basically every movie was kind of… Check them out and I’m sorry in advance for making you procrastinate your school work. Click on over to check out the best overlooked gems from the 90’s.

Remember when they would premiere and everyone would look forward to them and then the night they came on, we would all stay in to watch them?

His wife, Kate, finds herself attracted to prisoner Ed Biddle. See full summary » An earthquake in rural Australia causes a dangerous leak at WALDO, a nuclear waste storage facility.

Heinrich Schmidt, an engineer badly hurt in the accident, knows that the leak will ...

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That changes when distantly admired Angela becomes his steady date, a base nine of his brothers ever reached or would admit wanting.

Mia Thermopolis (Hathaway) is a fifteen-year-old tenth grade private school student who lives with her mother Helen Thermopolis (Caroline Goodall) and her cat, Fat Louie, in a renovated San Francisco firehouse.

Mia is an average, plain-looking student, but extremely unpopular.

The film was produced by singer and actress Whitney Houston.

It was released to North American theatres on August 3, 2001 and peaked at number three in the box office.