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From there, I moved on to the Royal Mile, which is very much the heart of the hustle and bustle of the festival.

But if you venture down one of the many side streets, you’ll find The Devil’s Advocate, small whisky-laden haven.

The sun shines a little more frequently than normal (only a little) and there’s a whole host of different things to see, do, eat and, of course, to drink.

So for anybody heading up to Edinburgh, make sure you stop by some of the city’s best bars to sample some really well made drinks in some beautiful spaces.

He said: “Making rail an attractive alternative is an ideal way to encourage more people out of their cars and onto greener transport.

This new fleet of trains serving stations all across the north and east of the country offer more opportunities for passengers to travel by rail in the future.” David Horne, Virgin Trains’ MD on the east coast route, said: “The Virgin Azuma will deliver a step-change in services between Scotland and England, taking regular journeys down to just four hours.

I wasn’t there for whisky though, so I order a Jazz Hands.

Tiger Tracks is more than three times the size of our previous Sumatran tiger enclosure.

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