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Divorced dating with children

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The important thing to remember is that if you choose to make this man or woman part of your life, not only are his or her children going to be part of YOUR life as well, but their EX will be as well.

It’s not meant to be comfortable so don’t expect it to be but it’s something that you MUST tolerate.

It is impossible to know how your child will react to the news, which makes it even more difficult to break the news to him.It is imperative you give older children the opportunity to talk to you about their feelings regarding your dating.However, you should not expect them to be okay with it at first; some children need time to adjust to the idea of their parent dating.Additionally, you will eventually need to break the news to your ex.Small children will not understand the concept of dating so it is not necessary to say anything more than you were enjoying time with a friend when your young children ask about what you did last night or where you were.The children aren’t the biggest problem in most cases.