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The 2m spears were found in soil whose acids had been neutralised by a high concentration of chalk near the coal pit.Such spears (made of yew or spruce) would have been thrusting weapons not javelins, due to their poor piercing power as a projectile so would have required the hunters to ambush their prey.

And although such events are known worldwide and are highly fascinating the hazards and dangers this article will cover are more concerned with the health and safety not only of the visitors who attend such famous sites but also to those people which discover such unique areas of the world which give us great insight in to the world many years ago.

Archaeological methods are described, along with the great ancient sites: Olduvai, Lascaux, Stonehenge, Egyptian Pyramids, Machu Picchu. * You must also register for a discussion section, times and days found on Student Link.

Theory, methods and aims of prehistoric and historical archaeology in the Old and New Worlds. * You must also register for a discussion section, times and days found on Student Link.

This was the likely scenario are Schoningen where (based on environmental data) the hunters would have been hiding in reeds around a large lake waiting for a group of wild horses who they ambushed.

Boxgrove (UK) gives further evidence of spear use for hunting large fauna, here a horse scapula was found with what appears to be a hole from a fire hardened spear.buildings.