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Did tim tebow dating lucy pinder

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Either way she’s #4 because we’re going off of college on this list and she looks like a lot of fun! Matt Barkley’s girlfriend Brittany Langdon I hate this fuckin kid with a passion but I’ll give credit where credit is due. Rachel actually looks like a young Jessica Simpson and if she has a southern drawl…forget about it. Oh OK, I’ll just go ink up my arm with the three biggest controversies of my career and rock that shit in the public. No doubt in my mind he has a naked water fountain statue of Mark Sanchez in his garden at home. All corny headline titles aside, I cannot wait until Justin Tuck separates Aaron Rodgers’ shoulders.Brittany is a smoke show and I’d expect nothing less from a USC quarterback. Christian Ponder’s ex girlfriend Kacie Mc Donnell You go from this to engaged to Samantha Steele and you still suck as a quarterback. Clear cut #1 in my eyes I mean this HAS to be photoshopped, right??? Side note: Hopefully the Jets can get a good QB wearing the number 8 and that jersey could be a quick fix at the tattoo parlor. Everyone keeps saying ‘I wonder what defense will show up’ or ‘I wonder what Eli will show up.’ How about the defense that has showed up for the past 2 weeks just embarrassing the opponents offense or the Eli that is on pace for another Super Bowl MVP truck?Pros – She’ll let you hold her Grammys (and yes I meant the award).She’s tall enough to get into those hard to reach places above doorways and kitchen cabinets.He sure has his pick of women to pretend date, but let's not ignore the fact that he is obviously, flamingly gay. He's not having sex with women because his religion won't allow himself to acknowledge his attraction to men.Oh..he stopped talking like a gay person when he met you? The priest at my parent's church is also an obvious homosexual.Cons – If you screw her over she dedicate an entire album to it, that EVERYONE will hear. As a senior at Florida, Drewes took a photo with Tebow at a party and the internet took it from there. In the Internet’s version of ‘The Telephone Game,’ Lucy bares a striking resemblance to Miss Drewes and the Tebow connection was simply a case of mistaken identity.

At last this could be the day that we finally meet Tim Tebow’s girlfriend, a very famous, beautiful one I must add , certainly we are talking about Push actress Camilla Belle who has dated another virgin in the past.

This post was edited by Killaman72 on 11/1/2012 at AM Play Killaman72● ***I bet she has back problems.

20 years from now those are going to look like the one's you see in aboriginal tribes on National Geographic.

We’ve ‘lookied’ at them all and want to ‘touchie’ every single one of them. Almost like grabbing a football and searching for the laces until….yeah, we should stop.

Here are ten of the rumored and speculated lovely ladies that Mr.