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He has also published three illustration books in which he expresses ideas and emotions through his writing and drawings in a creative and unique way. His paternal grandfather was originally from Shanghai.

Dealing with intimidating managers

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In every workplace, there is a small percentage of employees who thrive in creating and engaging in persistent workplace conflict.They have very strong opinions on workplace issues, policies and personnel and become very aggressive (and/or passive aggressive) when others disagree with them, including union representatives, supervisors and managers.By making it plain that you are not some passive doormat to be trampled on, you effectively tip the power balance to a more even distribution.It also flummoxes the AP, since they rarely expect it!Workplace bullying has become a hot-button topic over the past few years, with statistics suggesting that up to 35 percent of the work force have fallen victim to this alarming trend.Some suggest that bullying victims simply are people who “can’t take the pressure” at work.Talking to your boss or human resources department and documenting instances of hostile or inappropriate behavior is the standard advice. But you also need to be able to handle these people on a day-to-day basis (at least until the person causing the trouble is terminated or leaves of his own volition).

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I haven’t meet that many working in information management all my life but, when I have, I find them very threatening and intimidating and I am sure that many of your readers in the business field do so as well.” Since I pride myself on being responsive – and in my early career I also had my moments of blubbing in the loo because of one of these types – I’m happy to oblige!

They have difficulty accepting any type of direction or criticism - and commonly and aggressively challenge others on any decisions with which they disagree.

When these employees are confronted regarding their workplace behaviour or performance through the imposition of workplace expectations or discipline, they launch aggressive and disrespectful campaigns against management, "witnesses" and at times, shop stewards, through grievances, harassment complaints and otherwise.

Although discussions of workplace violence in the wake of the Virginia shooting have centered around how employers can handle volatile employees, this isn't just an issue for managers: The people who have to work side-by-side with short-tempered or confrontational workers also need tools to cope with these difficult colleagues.

Obviously, the vast majority of people — even the most unpleasant ones — never commit violence, but working with them can be mentally and emotionally draining.