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Social media becomes this cotton candy fantasy land of perfect lives. I asked my friends if they’d be willing to comment how they feel about how extremely open I am and what that makes them feel about me. Even when life keeps throwing you curveballs you keep trucking along. That it is difficult for some to come to terms with people who will never “get better.” So they are unable and unwilling to share with these people. And I receive overwhelming support from my friends. Why I’m lucky enough to be able to be “TMI,” without being pulverized emotionally. These are the things they said: “You are positive, supportive, compassionate. But you have helped me see that this can be more of a forum as I have always felt it could be: to help people.” Another comment spoke about how they don’t get the support from certain people.Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced signer, there is something here for you.Find resources on learning sign language, learn about different types of sign languages, become familiar with the history and popularity of sign language, and more.Here are some suggested books for babies, children and for adults . Some people sign "true American Sign Language," which is a language with its own grammar and syntax.Others use a form of sign language that mimics the English language as closely as possible, Signed Exact English (SEE).You'll learn through classroom instruction and role-play, as well as videotext and a workbook.The videotext and workbook supplement and reinforce the classroom instruction so you can review, practice and retain what you learn.

American Sign Language (ASL) is the language of most Deaf Canadians.

I often see people struggle with sharing their health online. When really ill, it can be difficult to see the beauty around you, but it is there, even if it’s just a gorgeous sunset.

Needing the support from their friends when their body and parts of their life feel like they are out of control. If someone is sharing their personal pain online with their friends, the pain. The other thing I’ve decided is that it’s important to try to keep a balance.

Having “friends” or family tell them they are whining too much, or just want attention. You are real and some people will appreciate that for the gift it is.

When we are uncomfortable, we often lash out at what is making us uncomfortable. You are not too needy, attention-seeking or too depressing.