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First there was an opportunity.....there was a betrayal. Much has changed but just as much remains the same.

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If you are bi-polar, I'm sure this scenario rings familiar.My moods shift between depressed and elevated states. Sleeping is rare, which sometimes leads to hallucinations. During depressive episodes, a permanent, body-shaped indentation permeates my couch cushions. I felt a depressive episode beginning just before the breakup.For this reason, it was also known as manic-depressive illness, due to the fact that a patient suffering from it tends to oscillate between periods of extreme happiness and hyperactivity (mania state), and periods of feeling low or depressed (depressive state).Bipolar disorder is a lifelong disease with no apparent cure, although it can be managed to a great extent with proper care and the right combination of drugs.It’s constantly contemplated whether or not bipolar disorder and relationships can successfully work.I personally believe that individuals who have bipolar disorder, or any mental illness for that matter, have the same amount of risk in relationships as those who do not live with a mental illness.Being forced to accept my boyfriend's choice to move several states away without me and then rebound into a relationship with a 21-year-old sent me spiraling into an unfathomable personal hell. After four years of complete immersion in this comfortable, silly love, I found myself alone in my apartment -- without heat -- in the middle of winter. I cried and obsessed over the minutiae of the relationship I had allowed to crumble.I replayed the details and tried to remember everything he'd said as I attempted to decode his words. When I wasn't refreshing Facebook, I ate soup in bed and Googled things like "faking your own death" and "voodoo rituals for beginners." My supportive friends and family attempted to cheer me up with phrases like, "just focus on you" and "time heals." My mother suggested meditation and said "pick yourself up and move on." But nothing helped.

However people with bipolar disorder have much more extreme mood swings that are too intense to be considered normal.However, the week after this particular weekend he went quiet on me.I hadn't heard from him for two days so debated about calling him. I said to him that I hadn't heard from him and he said "I was thinking the same thing just now".As I’ve mentioned many times before, we are never alone in the ways we feel.It’s human to have feelings and emotions, but look at it this way, people with bipolar disorder tend to feel those emotions at a different extremity and more often.Hi all I have just joined this site as I'm in a new relationship with someone with a diagnosed cyclothymic bipolar guy who is medicated with lithium.