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The Laverne and Shirley TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about two single females living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the late 1950's. Laverne and Shirley was the number 1 TV show on the air in both its third and fourth seasons! They were, "Laverne and Shirley in the Army (1981)" and "Laverne and Shirley with the Fonz (1982)". Nothin's gonna turn us back now, Straight ahead and on the track now.

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Before the Norman conquest the upper half of Teesdale had been combined into an Anglo-Norse estate which was centred upon the ancient village of Gainford and mortgaged to the Earls of Northumberland.The first Norman Bishop of Durham, Bishop Walcher, was murdered in 1080.There were two Houghtons within the Bishop of Durham's land.The other is near Gainford to the west of Darlington and is called Houghton-le-Side to distinguish it from Houghton-le-Spring.It is the main settlement in the Teesdale area, and is a popular tourist destination.The Bowes Museum has the best collection of European fine and decorative arts in the North of England, housed in a "magnificent" 19th-century French-style chateau.Also near Darlington is the similar sounding Haughton-le-Skerne, again within the former realm of the prince Bishops, although this is named from a 'haugh' (flat riverside land) next to the River Skerne rather than from a hill (hoh/heugh).The proximity of the similar sounding Hetton (le-Hole and -le-Hill) to Houghton-le-Spring could also be a factor in the use of the hyphenated suffix.

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In 1311 Houghton was held by the widow of a Henry Spring and later, in 1420, a John Del Spring is mentioned in connection with Houghton.Houghton-le-Spring, is a former mining town in the City of Sunderland, three miles south from the outskirts of Washington and a similar distance from Lumley and Chester-le-Street to the east.Like Chester-le-Street, the name Houghton-le-Spring contains the Norman-French element 'le', which also occurs in the name of nearby Hetton-le-Hole.Nearby towns include Bishop Auckland to the north-east, Darlington to the east and Richmond in North Yorkshire to the south-east.Barnard Castle's largest single employer is Glaxo Smith Kline which has a manufacturing facility on the outskirts of town.Barnard Castle is a market town in Teesdale, County Durham, England.