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In my book, "Kosher Adultery: Seduce and Sin with Your Spouse," I identify the core ingredients of an adulterous affair and show how husbands and wives can find that same excitement with each other in the context of their marriage.Kosher Adultery Commandment # 1: Adultery is first and foremost about sex.(Others translate it as a fine woolen tunic.) This caused Josephs brothers to envy him and to hate him, and ultimately to sell him as a slave to some passing merchants who took him down to Egypt.

Some have said that the attraction of the novel lies in the liberation from choice. We watch romantic comedies about men and women slowly falling in love, in a slow, low-simmering manner. About eighty percent of the men who cheat on their wives claim to love their wives. Yet, like a sprinter in a 100-meter dash against a long-distance runner, love doesn’t stand a chance.

Meet the most jaw-dropping rabbi this side of the Mississippi. Photos by Seth Olenick.n a mid-September afternoon, we find Rabbi Shmuley Boteach among the Mormons of the northern foothills of Utah.

Its not a place one typically finds an Orthodox rabbi, but Shmuley is a most unorthodox Orthodox rabbi.

As for the book its poorly written and a little predictable. But if that were the case then a novel about a woman getting a really good housekeeper and financial planner could have been just as adequate. Love can compete in the long term but rarely in the short term. As I argue in my new book , magnetic, erotic lust is one of the most necessary components of a marriage. You can never lose the raw, carnal desire that draws a man to a woman and vice versa, making them feel desirable.

Women secretly want someone to take full control so she gets a break. We’re not supposed to allow lust to grow to where it begins to challenge love.