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“I’m not one of those fancy Harvard heart surgeons. I only know what has happened so far, and how I've felt up until this moment.I’m just an unlicensed plumber with a dream and I’d like to cut your chest open.” The crowd cheers.” ― Tina Fey, “Churchill: "Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds? I agree that reading about the pain of others is concerning when they are still hurting and in the same situation as when they wrote about it. You can reach out, ask how you can help and be there to listen.It is the poverty which is obscene, and the criminal irresponsibility of the leaders who make this poverty a deadening reality.The obscenities in this country are the places of the rich, the new hotels made at the expense of the people, the hospitals where the poor die when they get sick because they don't have the money either for medicines or services. ” Asks a man across the aisle from me on a flight to Hong Kong from Tokyo. I’ve been to Cebu, Bohol, Boracay…” This reaction is the usual spiel I get from foreigners who have been to my country.He is stout, middle-aged, Asian, and has been working on a Japanese language exercise book since the plane took off. While I’m hesitant to get dragged into a conversation with him, I am loath to be outright rude to anyone unless blatantly offended. In retrospect I can hear my French-Filipino friend’s voice in my head chastising me for being so “damn naïve” and it being a product of an all-girls education – lacking the gumption and acerbity to cut down men before they can even begin to make an advance. Nothing strange about it, I do the same sometimes to people from countries I am fondly familiar with. Contrary to common assumptions in the West, prostitution is not “part of Asian culture.” Just about every culture under the sun has some version of it during times of war and times of peace.

Believe me, I know this.” ― Ashly Lorenzana “The obscenities of this country are not girls like you.They cannot change their names or gender markers on any legal documents, even if they have sex reassignment surgery.There are LGBT employment protections in some areas of Manila, but not in Pasig, where Angel works. " Churchill: "Madam, we've already established that. Churchill “Fiction has been maligned for centuries as being "false," "untrue," yet good fiction provides more truth about the world, about life, and even about the reader, than can be found in non-fiction.” ― Clark Zlotchew tags: 1950s, adolescent-angst, adventure, cuba, deep-south, havana, high-seas, homophobia, love, navy, old-days, political-intrigue, prostitution, racism, rite-of-passage, savannah, segregation, sex, sexism, ships, short-stories, short-story-collection, stories, unrequited-love “I'm not crying out for help, but I am sharing my experience in the hopes that readers will get something out of it.You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved.— Little is being said about it, but everybody knows: Filipino women have a less-than-savoury reputation abroad. “Great, man.” Frankly, the colleague was afraid the Irishman was yet another white-man-in-Asia “victimised” by one of many Filipinas who squeeze men dry to send money home to pay for their family’s food, rent, and education. It’s not a situation anybody wants to be in, and desperation drives these cases.