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These guidelines aim to provide the user with a step-by-step introduction to dendrochronology.

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We provide radiocarbon dating services as a grant in-kind to projects funded by Heritage Protection Commissions, and also in support of other projects and cases funded by Historic England.

Historic England, formerly English Heritage, produce catalogues of radiocarbon dates for the projects we fund.

Published 1 June 1998 An aid to make people more aware of the potential of dendrochronology as a dating method.

The best known and most often used techniques are radiocarbon dating and dendrochronology, or tree-ring dating.

On this page you can find out about the Scientific Dating Team and the work we fund.

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Wing Ma’am Wing Ma’am is described as a social app not a dating one. The app is attempting to create a stronger LGBTQ community by keeping you up to date about lesbian friendly events in your area, while allowing you to create your own events to find people you’ll get along with, from raves to knitting parties.