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He urged Gehazi to accept them, and then tied up the two talents of silver in two bags, with two sets of clothing.

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I have always been drawn to other confident, beautiful, strong women because that is simply how I see myself, either by virtue of how I was raised, or completely by accident.

“I had butterflies when he was around.” For the first few months, Brittny and Max did all the normal couple stuff—Max even walked Brittny to her classes. After he left, he’d call her while he was driving home, and they’d talk until they went to sleep.

However, they were confirmed, when, at fifteen, I was secretly offered bleaching cream by a helpful relative who advised me to start looking into lightening solutions as I was becoming a woman.

Despite all this, I was lucky enough to grow up blissfully ignorant that there was anything wrong with my skin.

I am a black female who has always been aware that I am ’pretty for a dark-skinned girl’.

I know that only because I have heard the phrase countless times.