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They go to multiple events often not surrounded by people their age, who are already over the partying stage. Still Living with Parents Men, who often justify their situation by high Hawaii costs of living. The No Plans Guys - in five or ten years from now they'll be doing the same swim on Kaimana beach to the flag and back followed by looking at the horizon, which like them remains unchanged. Fishermen Type Guys - they will take you to Koolina and you'll see them cut the freshly caught ahi followed by the sashimi tasting - no doubt the best sashimi you've ever had but it'll be hard to hold a conversation unless you're fluent in pigeon just like them and all their fishermen friends, who may look at you as if they've just seen an alien or something. Cali Guys - they love Hawaii but have no intention to move here.

They compare the ocean temperature in Hawaii and California, talk about better surfing conditions and leave after their 5 day trip is over. Environmental Extremists - they are so passionate about banning plastic from the island, protesting against the newest development and making sure they grab their wooden toothbrush that they sometimes forget that the world is larger than the island they live on. North Shore Types - you both know that this will be basically a long distance relationship.

As such, parties are usually in the form of potlucks.

It is extremely common for guests to take their shoes off before entering a home.

And yet, there exists a conflation between Asian culture and Native Hawaiian culture.

(Let’s be honest, if I were a non-Asian woman, no one would assume I was Native Hawaiian when I tell them I used to live in Hawaii.) So how did we come to conflate residency with race?

I knew another couple that sold time-shares on Maui.

They made a lot of money, but nobody could really stand them as they were far too motivated and concerned about making money off those they knew and were introduced to.

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So let me tell you a little about Hawaii and Native Hawaiians to prepare you for your journey. A resident of Hawaii is someone (of any background) who just, you know, lives in Hawaii.Customs and etiquette in Hawaii are customs and general etiquette that are widely observed in the Hawaiian Islands.In most cases, these will be observed by long-time residents and Native Hawaiians.They attend events and engage in conversations sharing ideas from their unwritten books. Transplants from the Mainland with complicated past and baggage who want to start over.They change their minds, hope they'll find inspiration from the ocean and in the end... They think that the issues will be less heavy from 5,000 miles away.There are a variety of cultures to be experienced while living in Hawaii.