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Faculty members should, however, notify the Department of Athletics about any contact they have with prospective student-athletes.

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They did not have the benefit of cheap, off the shelf, mass produced batteries. Bronze is a relatively hard alloy of copper and tin, better suited for the purpose than the much softer copper enabling improved durability of the weapons and the ability to hold a cutting edge.For many years the telegraph, and later the telephone, industries were the only consumers of batteries in modest volumes and it wasn't until the twentieth century that new applications created the demand that made the battery a commodity item. The use of bronze for tools and weapons gradually spread to the rest of the World until it was eventually superceded by the much harder iron.Background We think of a battery today as a source of portable power, but it is no exaggeration to say that the battery is one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind.

In addition, they have numerous reports of ''near misses.'' Rifkin says the group has not verified or confirmed all of the reports.Experienced cigar box mountain dulcimer builder, 'Diane from Chicago' shares photos and discusses some of her methods for creating these beautiful instruments..The oldest known plans for a cigar box instrument, the Uncle Enos Banjo plans were written by Boy Scouts founder Daniel Carter Beard for a childrens magazine.The incident occurred about a year after the electric shock drowning death of Alabama 15-year-old Carmen Johnson made national headlines.Earlier this month, four people swimming at a hotel pool in Palm Desert, Ca., were hospitalized after they received electric shocks.This instrument utilizes the same broomstick neck with a separate one-piece fretboard/headstock. Similar to the "Viking Fiddle" used by Ida Rindlisbacher of the Wisconsin Lumberjacks band in the 1930's.