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'You were never going to work in a bank, were you, dear," my mother once said, but I'm not sure she expected me to make a living by dressing in leather and shouting at manacled men in a dungeon.

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"Urotherapy is a traditional therapy of using one's urine to massage into skin, gums or drinking the urine," explains Dr. It seems to have originated in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine."Urine therapy has been used in ancient times as a healing tonic for infections and an antidote to poison," says Dr.It's well known that having a pet in the photo can be a shortcut to Tinder success, but the number of dogs seems to vastly outnumber the number of cats on male profiles.

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The last person to flip their cup has to chug the middle cup.Amy Shah, a functional medicine doctor trained in Ayurvedic medicine, which she often employs as a complement to Western therapies."It has also been described as a spiritual practice in Ayurveda.""In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), there is a theory that eating a similar substance in which you are looking to heal is good for you," explains Simone Wan, a licensed acupuncturist.Posing with tigers, fishing with the mates, selfies at Thredbo — some photos crop up on Tinder way more than others.We're not saying that any of these behaviours are necessarily bad (hell, I'm guilty of half of them myself), just that they're everywhere — and they don't always send the right message to potential dates."One said his aunt drank it for medicinal purposes.