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It's great when your partner takes an interest in your life, but it can take a dangerous turn when he needs to know absolutely everything.

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A Scorpio is very protective of those he loves which may sometimes seem like possessiveness or even jealousy.Those who are involved with Scorpios will soon understand to differentiate between those emotions in order to understand and react appropriately.Whether you are looking for a Scorpio as a future mate, a love relationship or just as a friend, you need to be aware of some of the personality traits that are common with those born under this sign.The Scorpion gets along best with those who are born under the signs of water and air such as Cancer and Pisces, but that doesn't mean they cannot form a bond with other signs as well.Emotion is given a pedestal position in the Scorpio’s life — so much so that the Scorpio man or Scorpio woman might dangerously worship it.Not outrightly so as one would a deity, but worship it in a way that it holds too much weight in the Scorpio’s life, acting as law, oracle, GPS system, healer, jailer, liberator and preferred drug."We don’t share the amount of inventory, but the Project Scorpio Edition was for those core fans, the people that used to line up in front of the stores." With a release date of 7 November, you don't have long to pre-order if you want to guarantee one for launch.

We expected our total inventory to last about a week and it sold out in less than a day," he told .

Xbox One X pre-orders finally opened at the weekend as Microsoft detailed what users can expect ahead of the company's pre Gamescom announcement.

The console is available to pre-order from Argos, Sainsbury's and Amazon - although stocks are running low and the first batch initially sold out on Amazon UK following the announcement.

It’s commonly said that a Scorpio man will be quick to jump into bed with a pretty woman, but he has to be really intrigued to enter in a relationship with a lady.

She has to be extremely special and over the top to grab his attention for something other than a one night stand.